Cirenchester Herald n.2

18 Feb Cirenchester Herald n.2

3rd day
On your mark…get set…go!
The school started at 9.00 am with the skill test: an applause to Margherita Franceschi and Giovanni Busani, who gained the top score!
In the afternoon we had been introduced to the history of Cirencester, visiting the town centre. Bathurst Park was really impressive, so huge and elegant… that’s why even the Royal Family plays Polo there!
Then we had some shopping, and we all received congratulations from many shop owners – not for the pounds we spent – but for our well-mannered students’ attempt to speak fluently… very British.
Finally dinner and some deserved rest in our host families.

4th day
School in the morning, split in different levels.
After our packed lunch, funny games for everybody: it’s Shrove Tuesday! “Make the pancake hop & turn” was really exciting, almost like “Throw the pancake far away”… even if Federico Bertacchi couldn’t help eating the “disc”!
Then, just to achieve experience of english grass, a great football match in the park.
And before our film night, many host families served us new pancakes… we could finally eat them!