Cirenchester n.3

20 Feb Cirenchester n.3

School lessons in the morning, and the fabulous Costwold villages during the afternoon trip.
First we visited Bibury, then Bourton-on-the-water, named “the local Venice” for its artificial canals.
We had been trapped in the maze of Bourton, for a very exciting challenge. Many compliments to De Simoni, Magrassi and Grazioli, who first discovered the secret of the maze and found the way out from this popular site.
A peaceful stay in our host families for the rest of the day.
day 6th
After the school lessons, we had been involved in many games for the afternoon, such as a cultural quiz and Master Chef 2015, with the severe judgement of our headmaster Daniele Gomarasca, who had to taste more than 20 “not-always-tasty” cakes… But the funniest game was the “film-making” one: we had to choose a strange object in a pile and arrange a commercial advertising to promote it… tomorrow we’ll watch the results!
Back to our host families for dinner.